Addiction Signs

Got an addiction sign? Send it to me and I'll put it up! Ok, let's get started....

You know you're addicted to Matchbox 20 when....

1. Your entire wardrobe consists of Matchbox 20 Merchandise.

2. You join so many Matchbox 20 fan clubs you get newsletters from places you've never heard from.

3. You talk about Matchbox 20 so much you get your friends to be as equally, if not more so, obsessed as you are...or you just really REALLY annoy them.

4. You go out and buy your 4th YOSLY cd after you wear out the first 3.

5. You get a pet and name it something like Hashbrown, Pookie, Smooches, Beaker...maybe even Asshole.

6. Many people are convinced that you know and talk to on a daily basis five people named Rob, Adam, Kyle, Brian, and Paul.

7. You find yourself one day wearing a MB20 t-shirt, listening to your MB20 cd, watching the MB20 ten spot tape (who cares if you can't hear it over your cd?), chatting in the MB20 chatroom...

8. You go out and buy a white cowboy hat and black leather pants.

9. You buy a MB20 program at a concert, and sleep with it under your pillow every night.

10. You ask your parents if you can have a website (dedicated to MB20 of course!) and when they say no, you do it anyway (by the way...Mom..Dad...if you ever read this...I'm sorry! I had to do it!)

11. You look through your bookmarks in Netscape one day and realize that practically every one is pertaining to MB20.. from the Matchbox20 paper dolls kit to the Pauly The Pimp fan club.

12. You buy yourself an electric guitar so you can learn to play 'just like Kyle and Adam!'

13. You think about decorating your room to match the Matchbox20 logo (you know, red black and white? great color scheme!)

14. You consider the 'driving 3 hours or more to an MB20 concert' routine.

15. You consider the 'going to an MB20 concert that isn't in your state' routine.

16. You spend more then an hour every day trying to convince your mother that Rob isn't 'girlish' and Kyle doesn't need to shave.

17. You've actually tried to convince your boyfriend/husband that leather would be a worthy addition to his wardrobe ('but honey, ROB wears it!')

18. You buy the Fleetwood Mac tribute cd ONLY because MB20 sings one song on it.

19. You play your YOSLY cd extra-loud when driving in your car in the hopes that other drivers will hear it and know you are an MB20 fan.

20. You spend a significant amount of hours out of your day (read: 12-15) talking about everything except MB20 in the MB20 chatroom.

21. You have, let's say a hamburger, and you go to put the ketchup on it and you write with the ketchup "MB20"

22. You are sure your significant other is The ONE, but when you ask him/her whether or not they like Matchbox 20, and they say they hate them, you look at him/her and say "sorry, honey, it's over" and walk away.

23. Your family, (who doesn't particularly like Matchbox 20) knows all the lyrics to all the songs from hearing you play them over and over and over...(thanks Katie aka theREALWinnie!)

24. The only way you can go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning is by listening to your MB20 cd.(thankie Winnie!)

25. You suffer withdrawl symptoms when you don't listen to your MB20 cd for an extended period of time (like...20 minutes). (Inspired by Katie aka! heehee)

26. You are on a constant MB20 tour bus watch...even if you know they are 1,000 miles away.(Inspired by the oh-so-inspirational Katie aka theREALWinnie)

27. You call a radio station and dedicate a mb20 song to the guy who is sick of mb20 because you burned him out on them. lmfao!!!(lmfao is laughing my f*ckin ass off...for all you non matchbox 20 chatters)

28. On your computer you have mb20 wallpaper, mb20 screen saver, and your home page is lmfao

29. You are taking to someone about how you feel about something and it all comes out as mb20 lyrics...

30. You go to the love connection site and type in yours and mb20s names to see how compatible you are lmfao! and on top of that you try all kinds of different ways of typing in your name and thiers to see if you can get the percentages to come out higher lmfao!!

31. You throw a birthday party on the boys bdays for your friends.

32. You are filling out a form for school or work and find yourself signing "Ann Gaynor" when your last name is Smith...

33. You get emails and aol instant messages from people you don't even know asking you mb20 questions...(#"s 27-33 are from Joanscrazy..thankie! hehe)

34. You never refer to Brian as you, he's POOKIE!

35. You, on a wild whim, start a trend in the chat room known as the "NotTheReal" band confuse many, amuse some, tick more off, have fun...then you eventually grow tired of it and watch it get taken over by others and see it snowball into a whole huge production that still continues months and months after the first NotTheReal appearance! what, me bitter?

36. Your typing and/or writing skills are affected (example...your doing chem homework, you go to type stirring rod, but instead you type stirring Rob)

37. Your senses become tuned into them (you are vaguely aware the tv is on, but out of the blue you hear "Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart." Your head snaps up and realizes it's that Levi's commercial!)

38. You're shopping at a store and all of a sudden you see this shirt that looks like Pookie's, and you think to yourself "I HAVE GOT TO BUY THIS SHIRT!!" You buy it and a pair of black leather pants to go with it and black shoes like Pookie's. Then you buy these glasses that look like Pookie's glasses. Then you get home you put your hair up, put the outfit on and you look like Pookie!! (of course me being blonde like him) Then you decide your gonna be Pookie for the Halloween dance." (submitted by Bellepup aka Terri...thanks!)

39. You drag your sister to a mb20 concert even though she's been sick with bronchitis for two weeks.

40. You drive to another city an hour away and get in line 3 hours before mb20 concert tickets go onsale so that you can be the first person to buy them.

41. You win a stuffed bear at Circus Circus in Las Vegas and appropriately name him Robbie Bear after Rob Thomas.

42. You are willing to sacrifice an hour of your life listening to Paula Cole's ranting and raving if it means mb20 bliss afterwards.

43. You call up the local newspaper to ask if you can buy any photos that were taken at the mb20 concert.

44. You put on the "yourself or someone like you" CD and sing along in hopes that one day, you will be a backup singer for mb20.

45. You rewrite the words to "push" to reflect your mb20 obsession.

46. In your desires to be a music video director, you come up with video ideas for tracks 5-10 and 12, and you end up cursing the tv when you see that your idea for the "back 2 good" video is so much better than the idea that was actually used.

47. You talk to your mb20 poster on a daily basis and think that Rob, Paul, Kyle, Adam, & Brian can actually hear you.

48. The day after your mb20 concert, you cry all day long because you know it will be a while before the boys come back to your town.

49. You despise MTV for having no respect for mb20 and vow to one day overthrow evil MTV and start up MBTV - a 24-hour channel devoted entirely to mb20.

50. You secretly want to be a Spice Girl because you hear that they are one of Rob's weaknesses.

51. You hear Rob sing "mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys" and think to yourself "wow..what a cool song!" whereas when you hear the original version you think "ooooh, what a corny and stupid country song!" (numbers 39-51 are from kitten..thankie!)

52. You write the lyrics to MB20 songs all over your notebooks and even on your hand (submitted by Marie aka lilactoga)

53. You have covered your five subject note book for school with matchbox 20 pictures you printer off the internet (thanks LindseyLuvsMB20!!!)

54. You read through all the obsession signs, count how many you have experienced, then look through and realize that all the ones that you haven't experienced don't apply to you (ex. you can't get IMs from peeps you don't know asking you questions cuz you don't have IM)(submitted by theREALWinnie aka Katie..thanks!!)

55. People you don't even know at school (or work) can tell you how many MB20 shirts you have & how many times a day you pull out your program book.

56. You look at all your bookcovers and they are almost covered by the words "I love Matchbox 20" (last two submitted by an unknown person...but her email address is

57. You have spent over $30 ordering back issues of Circus Magazine so as not to miss those gorgeous full-page pics you've heard so much about.

58. You wear out the black ink cartridge on your printer printing stills from the Long Day vid since you can't see it on TV!

59. You don't talk to your best friend for three days because she slept (yes folks, she actually SLEPT!) through the concert you fought to get tix for. (last three submitted by Keri..thanks Keri! hehe)

60. Watching Rob saying Happy birthday to Video Hits (Aussie equvilant to MTV) 1000th episode over and over again because of course you taped it hoping MB20 would be on it. You also watch it everytime before you leave the house and at least 5 times before going to bed each night (submitted by Nicole Habib, who drove 12 HOURS to another state to go to a Matchbox 20 concert! Wow!)

61. You don't talk to your best friend for a week, becuase when rated with Rob on the name love thingy, she scored higher than you did! ( I got an 84% she got a 96%)

62. You fall asleep with your radio on and when a matchbox20 song comes on you wake up and start singing. (this has happened to me!)(last two submitted by Sarah..thanks!)

63. When you have to write "to", "two" or "too" you write 2, just like it the title of Back 2 Good (submitted by Tracy..thankie!)

64. You go to a concert and cheer at anything that Rob says (of course, this may not mean your obsessed, but that your drunk or on something..but I digress). Here's and actual quote from Rob: "I need a beverage." Some possible responses for the guys in the audience may be: "YEAH, Rob's thirsty! Your the MAN, Rob!!" Girls may respond similarly, but add their own kinky twist to it, such as: "Woohoo Rob's thirsty! Rob, I'd quench your thirst anytime!!"

65. When you go to write "Math Homework," you accidentally put "Match Homework" since you're used to writing Matchbox20 all over your notebooks. (Sent in by Alix "the Great"..thanks!)

66. You begin refering to the Rumors Tribute as, "that Fleetwood Match cd." (yes I actually did that, on accident, of course.) = ) (thanks Sarah!)

67. You don't even find it strange anymore when the band does strange things, such as Kyle humping Rob's leg on TRL.

68. You stay in the discussion forum on the official site for longer than twelve hours straight, in the hopes that someone from the band will appear.

69. You go to another CONTINENT solely for the purpose of seeing matchbox twenty in concert!

70. You go broke going to a store buying things just because the guy that works there reminds you of one of the Matchbox guys. (thanks Chrissy!)

80. In every CD store you go in (or store that happens to sell Cds..and..other..crap...) you arrange the Matchbox Twenty Cd to cover all the surrounding Cds. For example: at an HMV in Massachusetts the entire "M" section is covered with Mad Season how did all those cds get there? ::looking innocent:: ::walks away whistling:: Oh yeah..and that happened at Borders..and Wal*Mart...and Newbury Comics..and Strawberries..and at a Target in Florida..and Walden Books! My goodness!!! There seems to be a masked avenger moving all of the Matchbox Cds...oh damn...

81. You bring a sign to their concert apologizing for the fact that some nasty son of a you-know-what stole Adam's guitar.

82. You feel guilty that it was stolen, even though you had nothing to do with it..(what will he think of all his fans!?)

83. You repeatedly tell the new keyboard player (Ben) that you love him, even though during the concert you couldn't remember his name to save your life. And he responds.

84. You beg for Kyle to throw his shirt and/or sweaty towel to you.

85. You pick up Kyle's discarded cigarette butt. (Yes, someone did this..they got it only because I didn't get to it quickly enough)

86. Attending one of Matchbox Twenty's concerts turns into the equivalent of a religious experience.

87. You disregard all manners of common courtesy when SPRINTING to the front of general admissions. (Hey, if they get in your way that's THEIR problem!)

88. You make friendly with security guys named Stan "the Man" and Troy, and manage to eat some of Troy's tangerine...because you never know how much energy you will need at a concert..You might have to jump the barrier or something!

89. You are so thirsty during the concert that you beg one of Matchbox Twenty's security for his water..and then save the bottle, which you still have today!

90. You're at the concert and you're reaching for one of the band members...Who cares if you're in row 65? You're a tall individual.

91. You inform your friends that, yeah, they're great and you like them...but when the time comes to run for the front row...they're on their own...Matchbox Twenty is thicker than water! (get it!?..blood is thicker than water..yes, this is your cue to laugh)

92. When you're bored in your car ( that means you're not listening to any Matchbox 20 material) you start searching for license plates with the initials of the matchsticker's names: RT, PD, AG, KC and BY ( I found a license plate RT1972 and I took a picture of it but someone stole my picture!) Thanks to Maria Jose! =)

93. You decide that, no, I am not going to take pictures at the concert because my attention should be devoted to the band at all times.

94. You refuse to allow security to bring a visually disabled person into front of you because they COULD HAVE STOOD in line but they didn' TOUGH!!!! WANNA MAKE SOMETHIN' OF IT?!(yeah, we know we're going to hell..but, it was worth it)

95. The band's not on stage for five minutes before you start crying with happiness.

96. Every other sentence you utter is "I can't wait until they come back."

97. Before the concert, you start shaking before you've even left for the venue.

98. You barge into a classroom, demanding that your friends leave RIGHT NOW because you want to make it to the Matchbox Twenty concert at least four hours early.

99. You refuse to say the word "kept" any other way except how Rob says it in "Last Beautiful Girl." (That pronunciation would be: "kep")

100. You get mad at Rob (only for a second) when he says kep the "real" way. (Well, I sang it correctly.)

101. You refuse to move away from the tour bus area until the event staff threatens you with charges of tresspassing.

102. You have your father pretend to be security so that you can possibly get closer to the boys.

103. Once they do kick you out, you hide in your car with the tinted windows up and duck every time a security car passes by.

104. You wait until the event staff and security leave, and then you decide that the boys must be gone you can go home now.

105. You tell every single person you meet (including a hairstylist, math teacher, and driver's ed instructor) all about your concert experience.

106. You spend over $260 on over-priced merchandise. (Hey! You never know when you might need an extra Matchbox Twenty mousepad!)

107. You saved that money for months in anticipation of a chance to spend it all on merchandise.

108. It's been almost two months...and you're still wearing your general admission bracelet from your matchbox twenty concert (IT WILL NEVER COME OFF).

109. You're with your significant other, and make him/her guess which MB20 song you're thinking about. (thanks Listen2theband a.k.a. Stacey! :))

110. I feel my life won't be complete until I've seen MB20 live, big problem since they rarely visit Sweden..! (lol..thanks Therese!)

111. Someone asks you who matchbox twenty is and one of the other members of your family responds immediately, because they're so used to listening to you give the schpiel that they have it memorized (it's happened!).

112. People in the chat room you frequent have your schpiel on matchbox twenty memorized.(also happened!)

113. You once tried to see how many times you could say "Rob" in a sentence without stopping and have counted...1053 (truth!).

114. You've tried to speak using MB20 lyrics (unfortunately, I have).

115. Your dad looks at the computer one day and yells for you to come "Get Rob's head off my wallpaper and cursor...and desktop icons...and close this picture! And why are all these pictures still laying here in the printer!" ...and then notices that you have 7 windows open and all of them are MB20 websites.

116. The only emails you get are from your MB20 fan clubs.

117. You become incredibly jealous anytime anyone refers to Rob using a pet name, especially "Chickadee" (your personal nickname for him).

118. You write a fanfic between him and your favorite TV character and people hate you because it's so mushy and stupid (I'm working on my fanfic!!!).

119. You make your own Rob tee shirts and wear them as frequently as possible (Which I do).

120. You see advertisements for Matchbox racing cars (you know, those little toy cars), scream, "MATCHBOX!" and run over. (previous ten signs submitted by Katie, aka the RRF, Rabid Rob Fan...lmfao)

121. You name significant objects (i.e., a car, body part, etc.) after a matchbox twenty reference.

122. You have multiple copies of matchbox twenty cd's, posters, clothing, know..."just in case".

123. You dream about it,you scream danm...because of the song, my family would scream if they heard me and dream of marrin' one of em'. (thanks misti!)

124. You write a really elaborate fan-fic where Rob and all the other Mb20 guys are a gang of super heroes that save the world -you give them superhuman force and powers apart from their own superhuman cuteness, voices, and the capacity to create music.

125. You dump batman, spiderman, superman and all the other comics -along with your brothers'- because if you sit down staring at a blank wall you can see the matchsticks jumping and fighting the "bad guys" from other bands that you hate like (I won't give examples) as in an action movie. (last two thanks to Marta Quirós!)

126. Every time you see "Push" on a door handle, you just can't stop singing.

127. You've got special folders or binders dedicated to the band containing your laminated concert tickets, pictures, a list of every song the band has ever sung, and a paper covered with the words Matchbox Twenty written in every multi-colored gel pen that you own.

128. You're in the process of making a poster that says: "(Band member) can I have your guitar pic/drum stick?" since your parents threw away the one asking Rob to give you his shirt. (Oops!)(previous three submitted by Adrienne AKA dayday)

129. Every time you go to Starbucks, you tell them your name is "Rob". You continue to do it eventhough you get countless weird looks from the cashiers because they have never heard of a girl named "Rob"... (submitted by Cuc Luong)

130. You actually try to imagine Rob doing a cover of a song you're listening to on the radio. "Don't be fooled from the rocks that I got, I'm still...I'm still...Robbie from the block..."

131. You rarely call in sick, but are more than happy to pretend that you're on your death bed in order to watch them on some television appearance or concert.

132. You actually feel guilty making personal, back-up copies of mb20 CDs, feeling you should just buy another one to keep in the car, and another one to keep at home, and one for the garage, and one for the kitchen, and one for the... (last three submitted by Nat Phensiriphand)

133. When your Matchbox Twenty concert photos get confiscated in class for the sixth time, (and it's only Tuesday!) It has happened.... (submitted by Stephanie, aka morethanuthinkur)