Adam Quotes

Disclaimer: Rain In Boxes is not responsible for any comments spoken by any members of the band matchbox twenty. Nor do the comments of said band neccessarily reflect the ideas, opinions, or party choices of the owners and distributors of said website. But they're hella funny!

"I have the biggest foot, and I'm not bragging,"

"Can I say my package is not big at all? Can you say that in print? Take a thimble...."

"I've always been a successful lad at whatever I've challenged. Whether it's answering phones, or whether it's grooming my dog, I've always put my best foot forward."

"Right now we're just having a great time meeting all these people. The response has been great, and that keeps us motivated to keep us going back out (touring.) Man, it's a wonderful feeling. It's nice to know you can do something you love on a decent level."

"I can say that I'm pally-pally with JULIO IGLESIAS. He is such a cool guy. He's so nice. He's the hippest and the hardest working guy in show business. He's in there all day, non-stop, forever."

"We've had everybody from GARY CHERONE, who is with VAN HALEN now, but was with EXTREME when I met him, and the guys of Collective Soul. Ed is very responsible for helping me get this job. MICHAEL STIPE."

"What can you say about Canada? You come up here and it's right next to the States. It's not on the other side of the world, and I'm very happy to be here!"

"I can't listen to the album ever again, but playing it's fine. It's still a challenge. Every night we put our best foot forward."

"Umm, your weather is quite lovely. Your temperature right now is just divine. The barometric pressure may be a little high. My skin's a little dry. But I'll be alright. Don't worry about me."

"I think I was the first 'matchbox kid' with his own little website. So it was kind of fun to rub it in with the other guys." [that would be Adam Fans Online…awesome site!]

"Someone printed out a bunch of pages (from the anti-MB20 page) for us and it was very, very entertaining, I think it's flattering that someone took enough time out to create it."

"My name is Timmy."

"Yeah, here in America, people don't find us funny at all. We're like Benny Hill."

(Laughing) "Stunk dick!" [on what part Rob would play if he were in a Jennifer Love Hewitt movie]

"Do you have any milk I can borrow?"

"Ahh! I think Silly Pants is a wonderful nickname - I think Fast Britches is a little more disturbing!"

"Kids - stay in school!"

"You know Rob, he's a glue sniffer." [He’s kidding, folks!]

"Quit putting me on the spot, that's personal!" [when asked what his favorite food is]

"Sleeping?" [when asked where the rest of the band is]

"It was great! Golly, it was great!" [about being thrown into the audience by Kyle]

"Actually, one fan just stuck her hand up and called my name. I thought that was a little much. I called security."

"A good pair of tennis shoes. A unlimited supply of my favorite beverage. And probably Rob to make sure the dry cleaning was done!" [what would you bring on a desert island?]

"And everyone's invited!" [inviting people to Rob’s wedding]

"But we would play for Woodstock, the Peanut character, any time!" ADAM [was the band going to play at Woodstock]

"You don't want to fuck with Superman!"

"I wanted to build the tallest building in the world. After I was rejected by the circus."

"I bought myself a limousine that I can drive around myself, cause it's really cool for my friends to party while I'm driving around. And it makes me look really cool."

"Yeah. I don't think you ever want to quit, but there are moments when you have to regain perspective, when you go... what's going on? Especially when the caterings all fucked up!"

"Hey, we're attractive, man!"

"Oh, this is one of them K-Mart things" [on what he was wearing that night]

"He's an evil man...evil at best"

"I was hoping that there were going to be ten hits off the album" [about YOSLY, on CNN ShowBiz Today]

"My little Robbie is the man as well."

"I have a ferret named Timmy." [An unidentifed band member, but my suspicions are telling me Adam, during a very colorful radio interview.]

"Never lick a phone book." [taken from the Official Postcards from the Road]

"This is, uh, very important part of my show....It's a little eyeliner I do, I do it for the kids. It enhances my eyes." [Live From Australia]

::taking a lighter and burning a hole into a newspaper with David Hasselhoff and three girls:: "Hasselhoff can't take the heat baby! ::burning hole right where David's head is:: Now look, now look, where's Dave? ::David is slowly burning:: Oooh, where's Dave? ::big gaping hole in newspaper:: Hellooo, hellooo. ::kisses first girl in pic:: Hellooo! ::kisses second girl:: Hellooo! ::kisses third girl and looks at the hole again:: Oh David, you're head is f*cked up!" [Live From Australia]

"This is beautiful. We're having people arrested, because we want to."

"SAY HO HO HO.....NOW SCREEEEAM!!!" [Live From Australia]

"Kyle, you're the monkey, come on, climb that." [Live From Australia when Adam wanted Kyle to get the basketball.]